How to ask a Guy Out

Published: 19th March 2012
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The most common apprehension among women who want to ask a guy out in person is if their approach is going to make them appear too forward or aggressive. This is just a misconception. Most guys love the idea of being asked out by a lady. In fact, this is perhaps the biggest compliment you could ever give a guy.

Read through the following information that answers the most common questions about asking out a guy:

How to subtly ask a guy out? Find Out What He Likes and Then Invite Him

If you are constantly troubled by the thought how do I ask a guy out without looking too desperate, you can use this approach. Here, you need to do some basic research and find out the things he really loves doing and simply cannot resist. For instance, he might be an avid golfer, a weekend boozer or into gymming. Now, narrow down a list of things he likes and with which, you have some degree of familiarity. Instead of asking out a guy directly, you can indirectly ask him for a game of golf, gymming together to learn some new moves or getting a drink at a nearby bar. In this manner, you don’t have to directly ask out a guy and don’t need to use words like “date”. This is perhaps the safest ways of asking out a guy which also ensures that he cannot turn you down.

How to ask a guy out to be your boyfriend? Seek His Help for a Group Date

This is another smart way of asking out a guy. However, you need to be well networked with a group of close buddies. The plan is to make it seem like a group date to which you have been invited. The couples of course would be your closely trusted friends. Now, you approach the guy asking him for his help rather than asking him to be your boyfriend. Here, you are essentially seeking a favor from him, i.e. to play along like a boyfriend. This approach has many advantages. Firstly, it proves to him that you trust him, since you are seeking a personal favor. Secondly, the theme, i.e. group dating, is such that the guy will sooner or later understand that you look upon him as boyfriend material.

How to ask a guy out in person? Keep it Simple and Direct

When asking out a guy, ensure that you don’t use SMS and emails. You need to approach him without making it look too important for you. He shouldn’t interpret you as being desperate or chasing him. Seek a place like the canteen, lunchroom or some party. Start a conversation with him and then, put forth your proposal from the above-mentioned recommendations. This will make it look like an unplanned, spontaneous thing.

How to ask a guy out in a cute way? Being Slightly Nervous and Shy Helps

Yes, you need to be confident when asking a guy out in person. However, guys are simply floored by girls who show some hesitancy in doing so. If you can blush a bit, stammer a few words or appear a bit nervous, it will only make you look cuter and your efforts will seem more charming to him.
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